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Arcane Incantation
1511 Laurene Street
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

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Arcane Incantation Shipping/Refund Policies


Arcane Fae

Return/Refund Policy

Refunds only for GROSS MISREPRESENTATION of item, (ie; you ordered Amouage and received Avon). Returns are NOT accepted for buyer’s remorse or you don’t like the scent as these are accurately described with fragrance notes, and clear images of the item offered are in each listing. I don’t offer a “sample and return” service. Any (any means even ONE spray) use of a fragrance, or package tampering either negates any refund or incurs a 20% restocking fee depending on each individual situation. Manufacturer sealed boxes must be returned manufacturer sealed, and not super-glued back together. I do not sell fakes. Please do NOT try that tactic. Be honest. I am, and I will work with anyone who is honest with me.

Decants are NON-REFUNDABLE. Due to the nature of decanting, tampering is of concern. Because of this, I do not offer refunds on any decants. Manufacturer sealed samples or miniatures are handled with my standard refund policy, above. Unsealed or splash manufacturer samples fall into the decant, "no refund" policy. Thank you for your kind understanding of my policies.

All samples are carefully bottled in new, sterile, PET food-safe atomizers. They are either sprayed or decanted with a sterile pipette, or via a sterile funnel. All fragrances are the retail item described and shown in images. I don't sell "type", or replicas. All fragrances are the original, authentic fragrance, guaranteed.  

Miscellaneous Information

I Have Hundreds Of Fragrances Not (Yet) Listed. Is There Something You Are Looking For ? I May Have It !

Are You Interested In Buying The Full Size Bottle Shown In My Sample Listings ? I May Be Willing To Sell It ! Ask Me :)

Discounts are frequently offered  !

For those of you that don’t recognize my store name, I sold on eBay almost 15 years with a store of the same name and my username was raven_nightmyst. I was a top 2% TRS with 100% feedback and all 5 star DSR's (Detailed Seller Ratings), numbering in the many thousands. I closed my store just prior to the 2014 Fall Seller Update as it was becoming literally scary to sell on eBay. The stress was too much. Hey…I’m an old lady ! I decided to go out on top, with my reputation intact. When an unsuspecting buyer can start the downward spiral of a seller by unknowingly clicking on all but one (ONE!!) message choices in eBay messages, it’s time to go. Everything is a “defect” and the mass exodus of both buyers and sellers from eBay has been epic !


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